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Garmin GNS-480
GNS-480 Navigation System
GNS-480 Navigation System
The GNS 480 provides advanced integration of leading-edge technologies with the following innovative features: Glideslope guidance for LNAV/VNAV (Gamma 2) and LPV (Gamma 3) approaches, and advisory vertical guidance for other non-precision approaches with vertical path data associated with them Reversionary Modes on the Approach Automatic SUSPend key function New interfaces to Garmin GTX 330/33/320/32 Mode S/C transponders New interface to display traffic data from L-3 Avionics Systems Skywatch New "NAV" page with a full compass rose CDI display Flight Planning page enhancements Dual GNS 480 flight plan crossfill capability Ability to calculate RAIM when out of Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) coverage Automatic frequency checking for ILS, backcourse, and VOR approaches Notification of navigation to non-WGS 84-compliant waypoints in the active flight plan Ability to manually select maximum CDI scaling As aviation’s first GPS navigator to feature precision guidance via WAAS, the GNS 480 now meets the strictest level of certification for WAAS navigation. Previously, Instrument Landing System (ILS) availability was needed for a precision approach in low-visibility conditions. Now, upon FAA approval, the GNS 480 will utilize satellite-based navaids for precise lateral and vertical approach guidance—similar to ILS operations—without the need for ground-based navaids of any kind, since avionics certified to Gamma-3 requirements meet the FAA’s standards for Localizer-equivalent Precision with Vertical (LPV) guidance. At the heart of the GNS 480 is a 15-channel WAAS receiver that updates the aircraft’s position at a rate of five times per second. Like Garmin’s other integrated avionics, the GNS 480 provides oceanic-approved IFR GPS/NAV/COM functionality and ILS/VOR capabilities—but does so on a 3.8-inch (diagonal), 256-color moving-map display. It has the built-in controls for a remote transponder, such as the GTX 33, Garmin’s new solid-state Mode S transponder that can be used to deliver traffic advisories to the GNS 480 via the FAA’s Traffic Information Service (TIS). With a TIS datalink, a pilot essentially sees what the ATC sees, including trend vectors and altitude data of nearby aircraft. The GNS 480 is also seamlessly integrated to work specifically with the MX20 multi-function display (MFD). When coupled with the MX20, range changes performed on the GNS 480 are simultaneously refected on the MFD. When the pilot selects an approach on the GNS 480, the approach plate is automatically depicted on the MX20 with Jeppesen® Chart View™. Pilots can also view a vertical profile of the approach using the MFD’s split-screen capability. Working in tandem with standard autopilots that accept roll-steering commands, the GNS 480 behaves like a high-end flight management system (FMS) by providing the necessary guidance data to fly the aircraft through all approach procedures. GNS 480 additional features Certification: TSO C146a, Levels 1, 2, 3 (LPV) FMS operation: Dedicated buttons and soft-key operation for expanded functionality "Smart Key" NAV function: Brings up an HSI-like compass rose with CDI and vertical deviation indicator (VDI) for precise lateral and vertical guidance as a backup to primary instruments during IFR operations VHF COM transceiver: 760 channels and 8-watt transmitting power; standby frequency monitoring capabilities VHF NAV receiver: 200 channels for VOR, localizer and glideslope operation; dual-station tracking feature to cross-check position fixes during approach procedures Flight planning: Capacity for 50 flight plans with 150 legs Annunciation: Voice messaging and audio alerting Power: 11-36 Vdc Interface options: RS232, RS422, and ARINC 429 Aircraft support: STC Appoved Model List (AML) for more than 700 aircraft

GNS-480 must be installed.
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Description Garmin GNS-480

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