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Garmin GMA-347
GMA-347 Audio Panel
GMA-347 Audio Panel
The GMA 347 audio panel builds upon the successful attributes of the GMA 340 while adding benefits such as automatic squelch, digital clearance recorder, and a full-duplex telephone interface. The GMA 347's automatic squelch option makes the entire audio experience quieter and clearer. Since there are some occasions when pilots wouldn’t want an automatic squelch—such as high-noise environments—the GMA 347 also retains the manual squelch adjustment feature. Garmin has also added three more unmuted, unswitched inputs with individual volume control. The GMA 347’s automatic digital clearance recorder helps pilots manage the demands of a busy cockpit. The unit continuously captures the last two and one half minutes of audio switched through the panel. If a pilot misses a frequency change or clearance, he or she can replay the necessary information by simply pressing the “play” button. In addition, the GMA 347 has a full-duplex telephone interface with intercom isolation and disable capability. This feature allows private telephone calls by the pilot or copilot, or multi-party calls with crew and/or passengers. Pilots will also appreciate the integration of the G1000’s “configuration module” into the GMA 347. If the audio panel is ever removed, all of the pilot’s preferred settings are automatically loaded into the unit. Garmin part number: 010-00275-01

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Description Garmin GMA-347

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